Securities arbitration is how most disputes between investors and their brokers and brokerage firms are resolved. Likewise, disputes within the industry are resolved by arbitration. Securities arbitration is a formal dispute resolution process in which the parties select a panel of neutral third party arbitrators to listen to the arguments set forth by the parties, study the testimonial and documentary evidence, and render a decision on the matter. By arbitrating your claim, you forego the opportunity to have the same matter decided by a court of law because the decision of the arbitration panel is final and binding.

Securities arbitration affords the parties considerable advantages. The process is typically less time consuming, less expensive, and less burdensome than court litigation. Though arbitration is often perceived to be an informal process, securities arbitrations are actually highly specialized proceedings. In fact, many securities arbitrations are extremely complex so it is important to take the process seriously and to retain experienced securities counsel to represent you and protect your interests.

Arbitration proceedings often involve millions of dollars, and awards issued by arbitrators are final and binding. The stakes are typically very high in securities arbitration and taking a chance at self-representation or hiring legal counsel inexperienced with the nuances of securities arbitration practice is unwise. Arbitration proceedings are no less serious or important than the trial process, and hiring an attorney with extensive experience with securities arbitration is important to adequately protect your interests and advocate your position.

Attorney Nagy is familiar with the national stage of securities arbitration and has handled securities arbitrations venued across the country. With a professional background as a stockbroker and financial advisor with a top-ranked financial services and wealth management firm, and as a former attorney in the securities arbitration group at one of the nation’s largest law firms devoted to civil defense litigation, Michael is uniquely positioned to handle your securities arbitration. Attorney Nagy calls upon this background and utilizes his knowledge, creativity, and experience to develop an individually-tailored approach to each case as a way to maximize each client’s opportunity to attain a favorable result.