We represent broker-dealers, investment advisers, financial planners, and other securities firms and industry professionals in virtually every aspect of securities industry related litigation and arbitration, as well as regulatory investigations and enforcement actions brought by the SEC, FINRA, other self-regulatory bodies, and state securities commissioners.  The depth of our experience with broker-dealers gives us the ability to understand issues unique to the securities industry and to meet the objectives of our securities industry clients.  We are attuned to both new regulatory developments and evolving securities laws and FINRA rules, as well as new developments in the conduct of the business of broker-dealers. Our objective is to make sure we understand the business model of each of our broker-dealer clients and tailor our representation to achieve optimum results consistent with the business goals of our clients.

Customer Disputes

Michael has defended broker-dealers and registered representatives in hundreds of FINRA arbitration matters.  He has significant knowledge of investment products, compliance issues, supervision, and FINRA rules.  Because Michael has handled broker-dealer claims nationally, he is familiar with many of the firms and attorneys who file investor claims in FINRA.  In short, he knows this area of law, the rules of the forum, and the key players involved.  Consequently, he is prepared to represent national and regional broker-dealers in everything from routine small-dollar, single-investment cases to multi-million dollar multi-party claims.  We understand what is at stake in such controversies and stand ready to defend our clients’ livelihoods and reputations.

Stockbroker Claims

In addition to defending stockbrokers in customer disputes, we represent stockbrokers in defamation claims, wrongful termination and breach of contract claims.  Our firm provides comprehensive legal representation to stockbrokers and is available to assist brokers who have been victimized by their former brokerage firms.  If your career has suffered because of the wrongful actions of the brokerage firm you were previously registered with, you may be able to recover your financial losses.

Promissory Notes

In recent years, wirehouses have become more aggressive in pursuing breakaway brokers in an effort to collect outstanding money due on upfront bonuses they have been paid.  Some firms have even set up separate departments solely for this purpose. Further, the big brokerages have hired major law firms to go after advisors who have moved to another broker-dealer or have gone independent.

If you are a financial advisor, registered representative, securities broker or investment advisor and owe money on a promissory note or employee forgivable loan (EFL), you may have legitimate defenses to promissory note claims and you should know your rights before simply agreeing to settle such claims.  You may not be required to pay the entire balance due, and you are not without some recourse.  We can review your circumstances and tell you whether we can help you reduce or in some cases even eliminate what you must pay.  We can negotiate with your former firm and in many cases obtain a discount on your promissory note or EFL amount.  Whatever you do, do not blindly hope that a FINRA arbitration panel will cancel your obligations under the EFL.  Not surprisingly, this “strategy” virtually never succeeds.  You need experienced legal representation to navigate the arbitration process and negotiate with your former firm.

If you have received a demand letter or have been sued in a FINRA arbitration on a promissory note or EFL, we can help you defend or settle the claim.  The FINRA arbitration panel may enter an award against you for the full amount claimed if you fail to present defenses or counterclaims.  We are experienced in the FINRA arbitration process and have years of experience defending brokers and advisors in FINRA arbitration proceedings.

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