What do you mean when you say you are “responsive, efficient, cost effective”?
AWe are focused on obtaining desirable results and enhancing value for clients. We strive to better understand our clients’ needs, fulfill and exceed their expectations, and provide legal services with higher levels of productivity and less wasted effort and expenses than other firms.

When a client needs to speak with Michael, they can speak with Michael, and he can readily implement a different course of action that suits the client’s best interests. Because there’s no significant staffing hierarchy established to a particular matter, other attorneys do not need to be consulted in order to implement a change in the representation, etc. You want it, you got it – today.

How does your use of technology affect your work for clients?
AMany people are discovering that the largest law firms are actually less technologically savvy, less nimble, less flexible, and less efficient than solo practitioners and small boutique firms.

In contrast, thanks to using the latest technology, we are nimble, efficient, and mobile. It means we can spend time and energy on your case rather than troubleshooting the daily hardware and software problems the big firms face.

We utilize the best technology to enhance our practice and benefit our clients. We are not confined to our office, chained to a desktop computer, or burdened with IT maintenance. Thanks to the smart use of technology we can focus on providing our clients with the best representation possible. By streamlining our practice we can focus on what our clients hire us to do – advocate on their behalf and work diligently toward a desired result.

How are you able to be more cost effective than large firms? Does this mean I’m getting less attention?
AWhile large law firms have some advantages, efficiency and personal attention are not among them. Boutique firms such as ours are able to offer clients a unique level of access and commitment, usually at a lower rate. Since we don’t have a huge overhead, we don’t have to charge clients extra just to cover our operational costs.

Lower overhead not only helps our bottom line, it translates directly into lower overall expenses for our clients.

When you pay by the hour, you want to be positive that you’re not paying for wasted time or redundant tasks. Big firms tend to shuffle your documents around, requiring several lawyers to review and approve them, not to mention that everything might have to be cleared with a senior partner, who may be extremely busy and hard to reach. All of that shuffling results in increased costs and expenses for you and your business.

Small firms prize efficiency. Your interests are our priority and we never try to “nickel and dime” you by adding useless steps. Our main concern is your success and your time. We understand that wasted time is your wasted money, so we work to conclude projects quickly and effectively.

What is meant by a “boutique firm”? Why would I want to choose to use a small firm like yours instead of a bigger firm?
ABigger isn’t always better when choosing a law firm. Calling ourselves a “boutique firm” means that while we are smaller, we focus on a niche area and offer highly specialized services to clients who are looking for the personal touch within our area of expertise.

With the large firms you’re buying a brand name. With our firm you’re buying so much more.

We offer unusually high quality legal services to clients with specialized and unique needs. And we serve our clients’ needs in an individualized fashion.

What distinguishes us from the large firms is that we are offering a differentiated product. We provide the pragmatic, cost-conscious advice of career inside counsel. Our practice is limited to the areas in which our knowledge and experience speak for themselves. And we keep our costs low and share these cost savings with our clients.

The advantages of hiring our firm are superior value, greater access to the attorney handling your case, and higher priority among the firm’s clients.

Is a firm of your size qualified to handle my FINRA arbitration?
AWhen retaining a securities attorney to handle your FINRA arbitration, expertise and competence are absolute requirements. Firm size is not determinative of the quality of the firm’s work.

We have a great deal of experience in the securities industry and the FINRA forum. This means that we are already familiar with the issues that frequently arise in complex securities matters and we are able to apply broad and deep industry knowledge to resolve even the most contentious securities disputes.

Why might companies prioritize working with boutique and regional law firms?
AClients have been looking for alternatives, mostly for cost. They want cheaper alternatives.  Big law firms frequently have a philosophy of “we will win at any cost.”  But the idea that the cost of winning doesn’t matter is not ringing true with clients anymore.  Clients don’t want to just win – they have a budget and they need to win within that budget.

A smaller boutique firm like ours with significantly less overhead can afford to work on smaller matters that big firms can’t afford to work on.  That lets clients test-drive us on a smaller matter. Clients can hire us to handle a smaller dispute where there may not be millions of dollars at stake. They can see how we do, get to know us and how we work, and may become more comfortable hiring us for the bigger case down the road.  With a bigger firm, you don’t have the opportunity to test-drive the lawyers like that because they only want the million dollar cases.

I’ve come to expect that a law firm is a really busy place where it is difficult to get any face-time or individualized treatment. Is your firm like that too?
ANot at all! In our firm, there are no small clients. Every client and every case is extremely important and is treated as such. We’re never handling hundreds of cases at once, so each case we handle is top priority and gets the attention it deserves. Because we’re small, we’re selective about the clients and cases we take on. You can rest assured that if we have decided to work with you we’re fully committed to your success.
Is it better to hire a large firm who has people who work in hundreds of different areas of law, or a small firm that has a narrow, refined specialty?
ABoutique law firms are not a one-stop legal shop, and that’s a good thing. Unless you’re looking for a firm to handle a wide variety of legal needs, there’s no reason to hire a huge firm. Look for a company that specializes in the area of law that you need. If that’s all they do, chances are, they do it very well.

While a long roster of diverse legal services may look impressive on paper, it’s fairly pointless in practice. You need one good attorney who knows the ins and outs of the area of law that’s relevant to your case. Our clients understand that the lawyer’s skills are far more important than the length of the firm’s office hallways.

Will I miss out on the type of representation I need because a boutique firm doesn’t assign a whole team of lawyers to my case?
AWhen you hire a company to do a very important job, you expect to be treated like an important person. This is especially true when we’re talking about a sensitive legal case that can seriously impact your life or your business. It’s critical to build a personal relationship with your attorney, who can begin to deeply understand you, your business, and the background of your case.

Though the “team” of lawyers at a large firm may be used as a selling point, it’s actually a drawback. When multiple people are involved in a case, there can be breakdowns of communication which lead to misunderstandings, needless errors and lost time. And that is an expensive disservice to you and your case.

With a boutique firm you always know who you’ll be talking to, and it will always be one attorney with a thorough knowledge and understanding of your situation. This personal relationship and attention builds trust, creates synergy, and results in a better outcome for your case. We work to achieve better results through collaboration with your dedicated attorney.

If I choose to have you represent me, will it be difficult for me to get in touch with you?
AWe make ourselves available to clients day and night. When you call, your attorney answers, not a secretary who puts you on hold for 10 minutes. Our clients have our office number, cell phone number, business email and personal email. Our clients can depend on the fact that we’ll respond quickly.